Water project

Jiivesha Setu – Check Dam Project, Water Reservoir.

Ánanda Nagar’s landscape

A peaceful, pure and blissful land!


An overview of some of the buildings and infrastructure within Ánanda Nagar.

Spiritual Gatherings

Several times a year devotees and workers from all over India and the world gather at Ánanda Nagar for DMS, Kiirtan and other programs.

Gurukul Activities

“Education is that which liberates.”

Villages and People of Ánanda Nagar

Images say more than thousands words.


Ánanda Márga Village Primary School and Children Home

This is ladies managed school. This school have own building & class room, there are two teachers looking after 60 students.

Visit here for more details on Matrigeho Project


Ánanda Márga Village Primary School

This School has its own building with door and window but no plastering no painting and also there is no sign board. There are two teachers, four classes and 59 students.


Ánanda Márga Village Primary School

This Village is purely tribal and located in a very backward area of Ánanda Nagar. We own a land in that are but it doesn’t have a school building. School is running in other place offered for use by one of the local villagers. Only one class room but has two teachers, four classes and 65 students. It needs own school building.

R.K.K. – Bhagudih

Ánanda Márga Village Primary School

This School has own building. There are three rooms but no door neither windows.
There are three main teachers and about 120 students. Needs door and windows.