Ánanda Nagar, the beacon light for the universe

P1120689Ánanda Nagar is the nucleus of this expressed universe.

Ánanda Nagar is not merely our physical Ananda Nagar, but it is the Ánanda Nagar of our life. We have to build it in all respects. We will have to take all possible steps so that Ánanda Nagar can develop quickly and show light to the entire universe.

The question is, why should it be done so urgently?

The reason is that human beings do not do survive on physical objects alone. Humans also possess something which is known as their innate property i.e. pra’na’ dharma. Even though human beings may be provided with food, clothes and shelter, they still die; they die in the absence of pra’na’ dharma or they die an unnatural death.

Ánanda Nagar will provide us with an ancient eternal vital force. This is why we will have to nourish it in all respects, and it brooks no further delay. Delaying means to hamper the cultural growth of the entire human society. We will not allow this to happen. So, we are determined to build Ánanda Nagar in all possible ways.

Ánanda Nagar has its own special glory and that glory has culminated as a result of the collective sacrifice of a large number of spiritual aspirants. Through intuitional practice, service, sacrifice and culture, let Ánanda Nagar show the way to the entire universe. This is what we should expect of Ánanda Nagar.
This is why we should build Ánanda Nagar in all respects and show light to the entire humanity. This is what I really want.
After a long time, we are all back here again and meet each other, what could be more delightful than this! When I came to Ánanda Nagar this time I was overwhelmed with joy. When I looked at your faces I felt so much joy within that it was difficult for me to restrain my emotions. I felt overjoyed, and I think you also felt likewise because we are able to meet here again after all these years. What could be more wonderful than this!
Every object has a medium, a vehicle. Let Ánanda Nagar be the medium for our cultural progress. Let us build Ánanda Nagar and its surrounding villages in all ways, economically, socially and culturally. A certain work may be difficult for a single person, but it is easier for many. What is a heavy bundle for one person is easy if each person in the group carries one stick; when any action is undertaken by a group of people it no longer remains a difficult task. Similarly, if we work together to build Ánanda Nagar as a spiritual nucleus it will not be a difficult proposition. Let us dedicate ourselves to that glorious task from this very moment.

Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti
Ánanda Nagar, 20th October, 1979